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Discord Upgrades Clyde Bot with ChatGPT-like AI, Introduces Conversation Summaries and More


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Discord, the popular messaging and community platform, has announced a set of new AI experiences . It will enhance the user experience on the platform. The most significant update is to its Clyde bot, which will now feature OpenAI ChatGPT technology, enabling users to have extended conversations with the bot. Clyde can recommend playlists, and access GIFs and emojis. And users can ask it to do things like send them a GIF or share interesting facts about cats.

Discord Functioning

The AutoMod moderation function in Discord has also been enhanced. It now uses OpenAI technology to locate and alert moderators whenever potential server rule violations occur while taking context into account. According to Discord, over 45 million undesirable messages from servers have been automatically removed since the introduction of AutoMod last year based on server rules.

AI-generated conversation summaries are another feature that Discord is introducing. These summaries will group streams of messages into categories. So users can easily catch up on conversations they’re interested in or join in on.

In addition to these updates, Discord is open-sourcing Avatar Remix. An app that lets users remix each other’s avatars through generative image models. The company is also exploring a shared visual space to collaborate with friends and colleagues that includes an AI-powered text-to-image generator.

Image Credits: Discord

To further its AI ambitions, Discord is launching an AI incubator. And dedicating resources to developers that want to build AI on Discord. The incubator is launching as part of Discord’s $5 million commitment to funding developers and startups to bring their expertise to the platform. Participants will get access to cash grants, office hours with Discord development teams, and early access to Discord platform features.

Discord’s updates

Discord’s updates come in response to the growing popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. Which has been adopted by many companies, including Snapchat and Slack. By incorporating AI chatbots, moderation tools, and conversation summaries, Discord is enhancing the user experience. And making it easier for users to engage with each other on the platform.

Image Credits: Discord

In conclusion, Discord’s latest updates demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and improving the user experience on the platform. By incorporating AI technology, Discord is staying ahead of the curve. And offering users new and exciting features that make it easier to connect with others and engage in meaningful conversations. With the launch of its AI incubator, Discord is also positioning itself as a hub for AI developers and startups. Further cementing its status as a leader in the messaging and community space.


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