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As the AI competition heats up, Google releases a “magic wand” to create papers.


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PALO ALTO: Days before Microsoft Corp. is anticipated to make a similar presentation. Alphabet Inc.’s Google on Tuesday introduced a flurry of artificial intelligence (AI) features for its email, collaboration, and cloud services.

Google AI Software

A business representative displayed the “magic wand” Alphabet advertised for its well-known Google Documents software. Which can create a marketing blog, a training plan, or other content. And then let users change the tone as they see fit. This was a redo of the rival chatbot debuts by the tech titans from the previous month. In contrast, Microsoft has made hints about a Thursday presentation when it would discuss how AI is revolutionizing productivity. And will likely emphasize its competitor’s Word processor. In addition, Alphabet claimed that as part of its upgrade to Google Workspace, a product suite with billions of users across free and premium accounts, its AI would be able to summarise message threads in Gmail, create slide presentations, personalize customer outreach, and take meeting notes.

As the AI competition heats up, Google releases a “magic wand” to create papers.| Source: Dawn

CHATGPT as Generative AI

The developments show how ChatGPT has sparked a rush in Silicon Valley to include so-called generative AI. Which, like the chatbot craze, learns from prior data how to produce content anew. In an effort to speed up writing and creative chores for office workers, Microsoft, Google, and other companies are investing billions of dollars in developing and deploying the technology.

CEO Of Google

According to Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, at a press briefing, the next phase will see the backing of real-time AI collaborators working alongside humans. Google is allowing approved test users access to new Workspace features on a rolling basis throughout the year before a wider launch. Much like Microsoft did with the slow rollout of its chatbot programs. Kurian chose not to disclose the potential cost to consumers or companies of the enhanced Workspace.

Google also presented a variety of generative AI tools for its cloud computing clients. It included a preview of PaLM, one of its most potent “large language models” that produces writing that resembles that of a person. Customers may use their own data to improve Google’s AI model. But the company will keep the results and advantages confidential.

In a different corporate software example, Google demonstrated how a fictitious furniture company might create better chatbots for customer care that could provide graphics in addition to text. Such as photos of a corgi dog perched on a mid-century modern chair. A promotional film demonstrated how the chatbot might be integrated with a payment system, allowing a customer to purchase the chair.

According to the film, Google wants its AI to “change” the job of marketers, attorneys, scientists, and teachers. Cooperation between the Mountain View, California-based corporation, and renowned AI research group Midjourney was announced. Google will offer cloud infrastructure, including its unique “TPU” CPUs.

Google is concerned about potential harm to society as well as possible harm to its reputation. As a trustworthy information source has lagged behind Microsoft in its generative AI implementation thus far. Such software is nonetheless susceptible to false answers, or “hallucinations”.

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