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After losing to the Packers, the Buccaneers appeared to be their own worst enemy.


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TAMPA–On Sunday afternoon, everything briefly seemed to be back to normal. Tom Brady threw a dart that cut between two defenders and dropped to Russell Gage just outside the back of the end zone, setting him up for the touchdown. The largest Buccaneers football audience in Raymond James Stadium history. Which had been all day restricted by errors, penalties, and the Green Bay defence, had come for the G.O.A.T. stuff. However, with barely 18 seconds remaining, this was going to be a Brady finish. All that was needed to force overtime was a straightforward two-point conversion.

Struggles of Buccaneers

The Bucs then struggled to start. Another pass to Gage was incomplete, and they have assessed a delay of game penalty.

In a figurative sense, the offensive this season has only managed three touchdowns in three games. It has been characterised by a lack of preparation and poor execution. However, it wasn’t a surprise that that was the real problem in the Bucs’ 14-12 defeat to the Packers. Even if Brady forwent his veteran day off to participate in every practice this week. An offence that was missing its two main targets, held out a third weapon. And signing a player off the street early last week and elevating him off the practice squad in the morning is probably not going to function as smoothly as it should under pressure.

Brady added with a weary-looking smirk. We’re not running as well as we can, and that passing game hasn’t been very good.

TAMPA, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 25: Russell Gage #17 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scores a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers during the fourth quarter in the game at Raymond James Stadium on September 25, 2022, in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

Brady chugging

The highlight of the game was Brady chugging — not really running — for 18 yards on third down late in the third quarter, fracturing his knee brace as he fell. He was avoiding being sacked. He later claimed that although being able to see a lot of green grass in front of him. Because he was unaware of the holding penalty that rendered the play behind him utterly useless. The drive ended in a punt rather than continue with the Buccaneers near the middle.

Buccaneers’ defence

It’s typically not a good thing, Brady joked. This, however, was more than just that. It served as a reminder of the numerous opportunities the Buccaneers had despite the players’ absences as well as how frequently they made matters worse for themselves. Aaron Rodgers was stopped by the Buccaneers’ outstanding defence in the second half. In addition to forcing two turnovers, one of which occurred just as the Packers were about to score. They only allowed the Packers to score twice on the day, preventing the Buccaneers from taking advantage.

Buccaneers’ defence vs The Packers| Source: Bleacher Reports

Buccaneers’ Coach

To win this game, we didn’t need those players, “said Todd Bowles, the coach, who was clearly irate. Simply, we had to play with better thought-out tactics. We had opportunities to win this match and made a mistake and hurt ourselves. We shot ourselves in the foot for reasons unrelated to talent.

When questioned about Gage’s performance. He caught 12 receptions for 87 yards and a touchdown. Bowles was so irate that he said that each time a guy fumbles, it negates all of his excellent work.

The Packers, aren’t finished and aren’t doing well either. They really seemed to be dealing with issues that were almost as serious. In the second quarter, Aaron Jones fumbled just inside the goal line. The Packers all but gave up on the run. With 27 completions for 255 yards, Rodgers largely settled for short throws. The absences and inexperience that currently hang over these teams have cancelled out the expected aerial fireworks that had made this game so alluring when the schedule was released.

Top Teams

The Buccaneers and Packers remain two of the top teams in the NFC as they are both 2-1 and viable Super Bowl contenders. Time should help the Buccaneers recover from most of their injuries. They came into the game with the 18th-ranked scoring offence, which is very un-Brady-like. Mike Evans will return from his suspension. Julio Jones could have played this week and will likely play next Sunday when the Bucs take on the Kansas City Chiefs. Chris Godwin will likely eventually make a comeback and Beasley, of course, will have more than three days of experience in the offence, according to Bowles.

Most importantly, the defence is still in place, and Brady did not come out of retirement to accept a season like this and expose himself to unrelenting rumours about everything from his weight to his wife. As much as anybody in the NFL, he sets the bar for the whole Bucs organisation. If what happened to those unfortunate pills last week is any indicator, he will likely demand change with more venom than he usually exhibits in news conferences.

Brady really appeared more worn out than furious on Sunday, which is not something you could say about Bowles. He was sure to emphasise the offence as well. He stated the Buccaneers win and lose as a team rather than singling out his defence for praise.

We can battle and be strong, but it won’t be enough to win the game “said he. “We must clean up our act.

Expected Storm

Later this week, a storm is expected to strike Florida, thus Bowles was questioned about the team’s preparedness. Bowles said that several discussions had happened. There will undoubtedly be more. The Bucs are already mired in a maelstrom that they contributed to, after all.

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