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Football scores and highlights from Alabama vs Texas Week 2 matchup.


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In Alabama vs Texas, there was a chance for what may have been the upset of the college football season. A tense contest that saw Texas and Alabama trade blows back and forth culminated in a Will Reichard field goal to give Alabama the 20-19 victory against Texas.

Fan’s Reaction in Alabama vs Texas

Texas fans will once more be left wondering what may have happened if their starting quarterback hadn’t sustained an injury. Colt McCoy’s injury may have prevented the Longhorns from defeating the Tide in the national championship game more than ten years ago. This time, it was 5-star prodigy Quinn Ewers, who had a great day going until he suffered an unexpected shoulder injury.

From up to the very last second, the result was anything but inevitable. Let’s examine the course of the game.

Football score and highlights from the Week 2 matchup between Alabama vs Texas.

The first drive ends in an FG for the Tide in Alabama vs Texas

Alabama’s offence offered us a sneak peek at what to expect this season. Even though it failed to find the end zone on its first attempt. In addition to being the Crimson Tide’s initial run option, Jahmyr Gibbs, a star transfer from Georgia Tech this summer, got a lot of action in the early going.

Alabama vs Texas | Source: Sporting News

First comes the tide

Alabama made the huge play at the conclusion of the first quarter. When Jase McClellan ran 81 yards for the score. The rear group outran the Longhorns pursuing pack by easing out of the jam. Texas has been put on notice.

Quinn Ewers digs deep.

With a barrage of long, precise passes, including this bomb to Xavier Worthy against the Alabama secondary, the Texas quarterback put on a show early.

Then he was injured

Quinn Ewers was knocked to the ground by Alabama linebacker Dallas Turner immediately following the pass for Worthy. Ewers’ left shoulder was ploughed into the ground by the force of the tackle, which was called back on the field.

Texas responds

Texas took to the ground after losing its main quarterback, and Bijan Robinson’s second-quarter touchdown knotted the score at 10. Minutes after losing its starting quarterback, the Longhorns’ offence made a crucial message by demonstrating that it is capable of gaining ground in other ways.

Banners, banners, banners

The past It happened on Saturday for just the second time in Nick Saban’s football coaching history when his teams committed at least 8 penalties in the opening period of a game. Alabama, often one of the most disciplined football teams, gave in to mistakes it doesn’t typically make in the face of the boisterous Texas home crowd.

Your worst call of the year

After bringing down Alabama quarterback Bryce Young in the end zone at the start of the second quarter, Texas briefly seemed to have gained a safety. Although Young wasn’t hit in the head, officials first ruled that Texas had committed a targeting play. The targeting was taken off the board, the safety was reversed, and Bama was given a fourth down following a protracted, perplexing review process.

Alabama’s proclamation drive

After Texas took a 16-10 lead, Bryce Young led an important Alabama drive that resulted in a 4th and 3 converts and a touchdown pass to Jahmyr Gibbs over the body.

Bryce young in Alabama vs Texas| Source: ESPN

For the fourth quarter’s one-point advantage, a necessary 11-play, 75-yard drive was required.

Alabama had only amassed 20 yards in total across 25 plays before that.

Short is Alabama.

Alabama failed on a 4th and short after getting the ball back with a chance to increase the advantage. The Tide decided to go for it and passed the ball to Roydell Williams. He stumbled while pushing through the hole and fell just short of the line to gain.

It came just in time.

The biggest play in college football history was made by the best player when his team most needed it. Late in the game, Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson made a strong run on a third down. He secured the important sack of Texas quarterback Hudson Card.

Does Alabama lose against Auburn?

The clutch field goal by Longhorns kicker Bert Auburn following the sack gave Texas a last-second lead against Alabama of two points. Just before the break, Auburn had missed a tight field goal.

The amazing runaway

Bryce Young, the quarterback, avoided a certain tackle from Texas. And he raced down the sideline for a gain of 20 yards. The Tide was now on the 18-yard line and within kicking distance. The current Heisman winner produced a standout play when it was most necessary.

Bama by one

Young’s run assisted in Alabama’s ability to regain the lead late in the game. Which it did thanks to a 33-yard field goal from Will Reichard.

Responds Nick Saban

Texas and its coach Steve Sarkisian received praise from Alabama head coach Nick Saban following the tight, competitive game.

The lesson of the tale

When playing the Crimson Tide, never commit errors. Texas lost out on a victory. And a statement by the narrowest of margins despite having more than enough opportunities to do so.

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