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Lewis Hamilton is permitted to get a nose piercing, but Mercedes is fined $24,500.


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Lewis Hamilton tells reporters that he removed his stud because of an infection, but doctors advised him to put it back on.

Permission to do Nose Piercing

For medical reasons, Lewis Hamilton will be permitted to continue wearing his nose stud at the Singapore Grand Prix. But his team was fined $24,500 on Sunday for failing to alert the stewards. After Mercedes filed a self-scrutineering form declaring that the British driver had complied with the rules by removing all jewellery and body piercings, the Formula One governing body, the FIA, levied the sanction.

Lewis Hamilton got permission to wear a Nose Stud| Source: Times of Malta

In recent times, Lewis Hamilton had the piercing removed before the match. The team presumed Hamilton had followed or would follow the same approach for this event without asking Hamilton, the FIA stewards said in their judgement.

The stewards agree that the declaration’s mistake in this instance was not made on purpose or deliberately. We impose a 25,000 euro penalty on the team in light of these facts. According to seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who removed the stud because of an infection. He was advised to do so by medical professionals.

Hamilton remarked I’ve worn my jewellery and nose stud for years. And obviously, there was all that hubbub at the beginning of the year. It wasn’t able to come loose because it was soldered in at the time. For several races, they gave me an exemption so I could find a solution, said Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton Explained

It was soldered in at the time, preventing it from coming free. For several races, they gave me an exemption so I could find a solution, said Hamilton. I tried inserting and removing it. Because of that, it became infected. I had a blood blister on my nose and it hurt quite a bit. Before I was qualified, I informed them of everything.

I inserted it again, and during the past two weeks, it has begun to mend. (Doctors) advised me to keep it in.

All a little absurd about Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was summoned to go to the stewards’ room after finishing third in the quickest qualifying time for the race on Sunday at the Marina Bay circuit. The stewards issued a statement stating that “broadcast footage revealed Hamilton wearing an item of jewellery in the form of a body piercing (nose stud) throughout the session.”

A medical expert’s documents were produced by the team to back up Hamilton’s claims. Hamilton claimed that his doctors had told him not to take it out for the time being. Due to the mitigating factors, we chose not to take further action.

Claims of Lewis Hamilton

Despite the regulation prohibiting drivers from wearing jewellery existing for decades. Hamilton claimed it was “all a little ludicrous” that it became a problem this season.

One of the best defences I’ve ever heard was about heat and how metal distributes heat in a fire, he retorted. However, Hamilton pointed out that the wires and helmet buckle were made of metal, in addition to our zip. It’s ridiculous that we have to talk about something so unimportant. Everything is rather absurd. They better be reasonable, I hope.

The safety of us should be the stewards’ top priority. However, this is not a safety concern.

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