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Results of KSI vs. Swarmz: KSI knocks out Swarmz before dropping Luis Alcaraz Pineda twice for the second knockout of the night.


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KSI went out there and took care of business On Saturday night. At the O2 Arena in London, he defeated professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda and British rapper Swarmz twice by knockout.

As it happened in KSI vs. Swarmz

The YouTuber Alex Wassabi decided to boost the ante and face two opponents in one night after an injury pulled him out of a meeting with KSI. Rapper Swarmz was defeated by him in the opening round of the DAZN X Series 001 PPV, which he opened by dominating.

After KSI vs. Swarmz following a bill chock full of YouTubers and social media influencers who scored knockouts, KSI faced Pineda in the main event later in the evening. Unfortunately, Pineda is only a professional in the name. KSI dominated him from start to finish, knocking him down seven times while Pineda whined nonstop.

As it happened in KSI vs Luis Alcaraz Pineda

Pineda had an embarrassing outing. He grumbled with each punch that KSI delivered. Three times in the opening round, KSI knocked Pineda to the ground, and he argued that each punch was unlawful. Not at all. There was a point where the fight could have finished, but the referee strangely let it go on.

In the second round, KSI twice knocked Luis Alcaraz Pineda out, the second time being the result of a crushing left hook and some subsequent punches. While the referee made the count, KSI performed pushups.

The referee let the battle continue into the third round for no apparent reason, and KSI finished the job with a further two knockdowns.

Although these weren’t very difficult tasks, the outcome delighted KSI’s supporters.

After that, KSI demanded fights with Tommy Fury and Andrew Tate. Why not have another fight with Logan Paul?

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