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Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season: Takeaways from the Bills’ victory against the Rams on Thursday


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  • Allen, Bills convey a message. Technically speaking, Josh Allen’s evening in the NFL season wasn’t great. He did throw two interceptions and was sacked, after all. However, everyone who saw Thursday’s game understands that the first one was obviously on the receiver; credit the second interception to Rams CB Troy Hill. Who made a superb play by reading the pass expertly. On the other hand, Allen was a machine both before and after that. Once he was allowed to use his legs more in the second half, on both impromptu runs and premeditated ones. The Rams had no answer for him. Over the first three quarters, there were no passes that travelled 20 air yards or more. Then, on the opening play of the fourth quarter, Allen threw a long pass for 47 yards to Gabe Davis while facing a Cover-0 blitz. After three plays, he walked into the end zone. How can you prevent him? Two selections were insufficient. Allen gets off to a hot start and is considered to be the MVP by many.
Bills defeat Rams thanks to Josh Allen| Source: The New York Times
  • Is Stafford right to be worried in the NFL season? It’s easy to make assumptions about Matthew Stafford’s health. How could we not, with all the summer rumours regarding his elbow? There were instances throughout the game when he threw more over the top than I can recall. But it’s hardly evidence that his throwing motion favours it in any way. The cause of Stafford’s first interception, which seemed to be the result of a miscommunication with tight end Tyler Higbee, remains unknown. Stafford attempted to throw a no-look (three-quarters arm angle) ball to Cooper Kupp on the second interception. But Stafford was high and off-target with it. Was the trip attractive? No, not at all. The Rams’ terrible blocking and inability to run the ball out of 11 personnel made his assignment even more challenging. Stafford’s difficulties in Week 1 may have a physical component. But let’s not jump to that conclusion after only one game.
  • The Bills’ defence deserves praise in the NFL season. Much of the inbound chatter was about how the Bills’ young corners would struggle. Christian Benford, a sixth-round pick who played FCS ball a year ago, and Kaiir Elam, rookies, both performed admirably despite Dane Jackson having a pick. The Rams made every effort to get the Bills to change their two-high looks. But they were unsuccessful for the remainder of the game. When you can’t run the ball, it’s challenging. Because there weren’t many big-play possibilities, it appeared to irritate Stafford and Sean McVay. Leslie Frazier, the defensive coordinator for the Bills, essentially employs a mindset from the past: forcing the offence to move down the field eight, ten, or twelve plays at a time. It is an assumption that errors will occur. This outlook came true in a significant manner on Thursday. For the majority of the game, the Bills were effectively pressed by Von Miller and what seems to be a much deeper defensive line group (particularly early). Only one Rams drive longer than 38 yards was possible in the opening 55 minutes of play due to poor pass protection by the Rams. However, recognition should go to the Buffalo defence, which had seven sacks and three interceptions. It took a lot of work.
  • Dorsey makes a strong debut in the NFL season. The Bills’ offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey had the game planned out from the start of his first regular-season game as a play-caller. Concern over losing Brian Daboll is no longer relevant at this time. Allen was instructed to carry out a number of rollout plays by Dorsey, who coached Cam Newton as the quarterback for the Panthers. On the touchdown drive that gave the Bills a 17-10 lead. Dorsey occasionally used Allen as a runner, which resulted in his highlight-reel stiff-arm of Rams defender Nick Scott. In combination with what look to be new outside zone toss plays, a Kyle Shanahan hallmark. Dorsey was able to keep the Rams’ defence off-balance multiple times. He is thus using ideas from other teams while retaining the essential elements of the playbook that Allen used to great success in the previous several years. It’s difficult to challenge that equation.
Ken Dorsey makes his Debut | Source: Buffalo Bills
  • Cam was missing in the NFL season. Cam Akers was largely absent on the Rams’ opening drive as they heavily relied on running back Darrell Henderson (and on all eight plays). Earlier in the week, Akers stated, “I know I’m healthy,” adding, “Everybody else will simply get to see” (Thursday). I won’t go out and show everyone that I’m in good health. Several minutes into the second quarter, Akers’ first carry ended in a no-gain. His two carries would result in zero yards. Is it still too early to worry? No doubt. First week. In ten days, the Rams and Falcons will play. His use could have been influenced in part by the soundtrack. Which gets a touch out of hand. Maybe Akers’ soft-tissue condition from the preseason is still bothering him. However, it will be important to see how the Rams deploy their backs early in the season. Akers’ fantasy team owners definitely will.
  • The night’s top Next Gen stat is: On none of Matthew Stafford’s throws on Thursday night, the Bills blitzed. The two other zero-blitz games for the Bills’ defence came in contests against the Chiefs in 2020 and 2021. (during the NGS era).
  • NFL Analysis: Only one point separated the Ravens’ 22-point defeat in Denver in 2013 (Peyton Manning’s debut game with the Broncos). Which occurred against the Rams, as the second-largest loss ever for a Super Bowl champion.

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