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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tweets his delight at the Jets’ choice.


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The fact that he has two franchises, both with their own fan groups, waiting for him to decide where he’ll play in 2023 makes Aaron Rodgers of the Packers laugh out loud. Aaron Rodgers tweeted about playing. But hey, Jets supporters are used to uncertain quarterbacks. They got into this problem with a 39-year-old by watching Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson, Mike White, and Joe Flacco attempt to locate an open receiver.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tweets his delight at the Jets’ choice.| Source: NPR

Knowing that everyone in the NFL was listening to him on Monday night. Rodgers sent them a half-word (really, a half-name) and two smiling emojis. He referred to Packers CB Rasul Douglas on Twitter with the phrase “SULLLLLL”.

Assaulting a sportscaster who questioned whether Rodgers of the Packers’ soon-to-be-ex-teammates cared that he probably was leaving Green Bay. Douglas, a former Eagles great, had done on Sunday. Gary Ellerson, a broadcaster for Spectrum News 1, posted on Twitter on Saturday, that he was just thinking about how all these Jets players were inviting 12 people to join them in New York on social media. Why aren’t his 12 comrades requesting that he remain here?

Because they know Rodgers’ phone number. Teammates may call him instead of using social media, noted Douglas, who spent two seasons with the Packers and Rodgers. Instead of posting it on social media, we can really text him,” Douglas added. He understands how each member of the roster feels about him since he is our leader.

Evidently, Rodgers of the Packers enjoyed Douglas’ snarky rejoinder. Ellerson was making reference to tweets like Jets CB Sean Gardner’s recruitment of Rodgers. I swear if you join a Jet, I won’t pick you off in practice & I’ll burn the cheesehead,” Gardner wrote.

Some people think the entire event is a ruse. Aaron Rodgers of the Packers gave Douglas his phone just before he entered his secret sanctuary in the darkness. According to Douglas, who may be kidding. After spending three weeks without a phone, he spent four days in a cave. That is being in the dark, indeed!

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