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EVGA will reportedly fully stop making graphics cards as the company is sick of battling Nvidia, according to sources.


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A significant manufacturer of Nvidia-based graphics cards will stop producing them. According to analyst Jon Peddie, EVGA has opted not to develop video cards featuring Nvidia’s RTX 40-series next-generation GPUs (opens in new tab). But the news is considerably more significant than that. According to EVGA CEO Andrew Han, the California-based business will “totally stop” producing graphics cards in the future. He made this statement in an interview with Gamers Nexus.

EVGA Graphics Card | Source: VideoCards.com

Since the company’s founding in 1999, EVGA has been creating graphics cards that use Nvidia’s RIVA TNT2 processors. However, according to Gamers Nexus, Han “wouldn’t even entertain the thought of collaborating with Intel or AMD” to continue making graphics cards.

Both reports claim that EVGA’s decision was motivated, at least in part, by anger at how Nvidia had treated the company. Gamers Nexus stated that it was “about respect.” According to reports, 80% of EVGA’s current revenue comes from graphics cards. But this doesn’t indicate that the company intends to shut down as a result of its breakup with Nvidia. In fact, it informed Gamers Nexus that it doesn’t even have any layoffs scheduled. EVGA will concentrate on its other goods, which include motherboards, power supplies, and other PC parts and accessories. Once it has sold off all of its inventory of RTX 30-series graphics cards.

Right present, sales of EVGA’s Nvidia graphics cards account for the majority of the company’s income. But Han told Gamers Nexus that the margin is quite tiny. And that EVGA earns 300% more money on power supplies. Even still, it’s unclear how EVGA would eliminate the majority of its commercial operations without firing any staff people. It includes those who are now working in the engineering and support departments for graphics cards. According to Gamers Nexus, the prediction of attrition is there.

Han apparently believes that Nvidia has been treating EVGA unfairly. And told Gamers Nexus that the decision to discontinue working with Nvidia was “simple” since working with Nvidia was so difficult. As a result, EVGA’s choice is not the kind of cold-blooded corporate decision one might anticipate.

EVGA and Nvidia’s alliance “shifted from what EVGA deemed a real partnership to a customer-seller arrangement. Whereby EVGA was no longer consulted on new product launches and briefings and not featured at events. And not aware of price adjustments,” according to Jon Peddie Research. Additionally, according to Peddie and Gamers Nexus, EVGA was upset. Because Nvidia was undercutting its cards with its own Founders Editions.

EVGA’s direct discussion on the subject revealed Much. Today, EVGA(opens in new tab) released a message on its forums stating that it would continue to support its current graphics cards. It will not stock the cards of the upcoming generation.

According to the firm, EVGA shows dedication to serving its clients. It will keep providing sales and support for its current product range. Additionally, EVGA would like to express its gratitude to the wonderful community for its long-standing support and passion for EVGA graphics cards.

Uncertainty surrounds Nvidia’s stance on its affiliation with EVGA. Although it’s not exactly polite, the business did give PC Gamer a comment on EVGA’s exit from the GeForce scene.

An Nvidia spokesman stated, “We’ve had terrific cooperation with EVGA throughout the years. And will continue to support them on our current generation of devices.” We send our best wishes to Andrew [Han] and the people at EVGA.

That’s all we’re getting for now. And I believe it’s reasonable to assume that Nvidia would have more to say if it weren’t a publicly traded business with a $328 billion market valuation.

Other manufacturers, including Gigabyte, ASUS, and Zotac, are likely to fill the void left by EVGA’s departure from the Nvidia graphics card market. Recently, Nvidia teased “Project Beyond,” which we think has something to do with the impending GeForce RTX 40-series GPUs. This month, we hope to hear more.

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