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Hackers Sell AKD Securities’ sensitive data on the dark web


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Hackers Sell AKD Securities:. A significant cyber security breach has compromised sensitive data belonging to the brokerage business AKD Securities Limited. Hackers have posted the data dump for sale on dark web marketplaces.

Jareeda Pakistan has exclusive information that reveals that the hacked data includes client onboarding information from a sample size of more than 1,000 Account Holders. Data such as complete names, phone numbers, email addresses, residence addresses, bank account numbers, passwords, marital status, etc. were among the information that the anonymous hacker had access to.

Jareeda Pakistan received information and sample data from unidentified sources that mentioned AKD account holders by name and private information.

For what it’s worth, They will use this information to locate a specific person or for extortion, targeted cyberattacks, identity theft, insider trading, and other bad things.

This journalist contacted The Chief Executive Officer of AKD Securities, Farid Alam, to get the company’s official position.

AKDSL hosts the financial and trading information of the client in an on-site data center behind a firewall and is end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, there has been no compromise of client financial or trade information.

The allegedly leaked data demonstrates that the hacker had access to some of the most private information exclusively used for secret purposes.

Hackers Sell AKD Securities

“Sometimes the data is not available due to a hack. But it can be scraped off the website by data leaking APIs,” says a cyber security specialist. If you recall, a notable instance of this involved certain regional commercial banks, FBR, K-electric, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

According to the expert, the AKD hack raises security and privacy issues as well. “They must restrict how their data is available through their APIs. I’m not claiming that’s what happened in this instance, but it might have been. Similar to this, there are occasions when hackers repackage data from other sources. As was the case with recent telco data that hackers sold over the dark web, he said.

Cybersecurity and the accompanying processes are crucial for businesses like AKD Securities and potentially other brokerages or investment firms. Vulnerabilities must be found and fixed through routine, thorough technical audits.

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