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You Can Make Digital Twins of Your Data Center Using Omniverse of NVIDIA


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At its GTC presentation today, NVIDIA released upgrades to the Omniverse Cloud technology. Applications for experts in data centres? But For the realm of data centres, some of what NVIDIA announced today appears promising. Through the Omniverse Cloud platform, it appears that only Siemens and Siemens Energy provide solutions focused on data centres.

Applications might include building a digital twin of current data centres to predict how PUE will change if a data centre’s footprint is increased. Because in disaster planning and data recovery models are based on the most probable environmental hazards to the physical infrastructure of data centres. This technique might be helpful. In a perfect environment, this would result in far more precise risk planning. And in some use cases, lower cybersecurity premiums.

Digital Twins of NVIDIA’S Omniverse | Source: NVIDIA

The fundamental improvements and functionalities of Nvidia’s Omniverse now let developers use the platform. Because Included in this is Omniverse Cloud, an IaaS for the platform’s secure application execution. Richard Kerris, vice president of Omniverse Platform Development at Nvidia, stated Siemens Energy is a software partner during a press event yesterday and promised additional information. We were given access to a webinar on digital twin technology by our pals at Siemen’s. The software company explained how data centres can in it.

Infrastructure for two data centres

Build hypothetical what-if situations

Accelerate the creation of several key performance indicators (KPIs)

An overview of the simulations included in the NVIDIA Ominverse’s Universal Scene Description (USD) service is provided in this video. But we’re noticing a pattern here: NVIDIA wants simulation technologies to be accessible and as plug-and-play for businesses as feasible.

As illustrated by our recent coverage of the Google and OVH data centre fires. We at Data Center Knowledge also view digital twin technology as potentially eliminating the need for electrical employees to risk harm maintaining and updating very risky electrical equipment. Based on case studies from other verticals including the automotive and railway sectors. But NVIDIA’s Omniverse would help use robotics to repair data centre equipment.

Is there anything here that will drastically alter your life as a data centre professional right now or in the very near future? We acknowledge that several of the company’s announcements have a certain cool aspect. But Utilising the power of 3D for realistic simulations. Maybe. Based on what we can observe from Siemens Energy, improving PUE using digital twin technology by duplicating electricity and cooling systems would be the most feasible option.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang stressed the importance of safety in robots during his keynote address at the GTC 2022 conference today. This all requires processing power.

The data centre sector is aware of what this means: increased demand for computer, network, and storage access. The current scarce supply of colocation space will become much more scarce. Because more sectors use artificial intelligence and digital twin technology. NVIDIA is making AI modelling and simulations more available to businesses with this update to its Omniverse platform. Because NVIDIA unveiled its H100 system, dubbed the “new engine of the AI factory,” to aid accomplish this, it is currently accessible on NVIDIA LaunchPad. Beginning in 2019, H100 cloud services will be available on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle. With semiconductor processors like Grace Hopper, which are suited for data analytics and recommender systems but usable in the majority of high-performance computing use cases, Huang promised solutions to handle this increase in processing demands. Early in 2023, systems that support the chips will be available.

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